Trendy Focus: Pitti Uomo 90

Unless you admit yourself you are totally a outsider of menswear fashion, there’s no doubt that you would be aware of Pitti Uomo 90 just took place couple weeks ago. The dressy peacocks had another golden opportunities to show their unique styles to the world, especially to the photographers. In maintaining with tradition and fashion, the appropriate matching and stylizing was necessary. Here’s the highlight and roundup of the trends we spotted from the Pitti Uomo 90 summer collection for 2017.

1. Hats


Absolutely a must-have accessory in summer. No matter how the temp goes, one way to keep your style being spotted immediately is to wear a straw hat. In that way, extra point will be added to your outfit rate with hundreds of thousand eye on you and there’s nothing going wrong with the excellent hat in your head.



2. Pleated Trousers


Absolutely a powerful retro-tailoring style. Right now we’ve seen more and more trousers starting more modern style without any pleats, which is a good sign for guys to take that opportunity to be  modern gentlemen in many ways. No doubt about that option. I personally would like to dress no-pleat trousers for many occasions. But old fashion tourers with pleases and higher rise would make the modern trousers even more steps further. It’s a classic tailoring return from the old days when the grandparent generation would wear those. More moving and relaxing spaces below the waist give the trousers more tailoring options with one pleat or double pleats.


Of course, for those who already addicted to more street and casual menswear, it’s not a try-on style because most of the pleated trousers don’t style with slim or skinny fit. The classic double pleated trousers are often bespoke with unique size, which means they are not ready-to-wear like the modern trousers we usually saw in the retail store. Anyway, it’s not for everyone, but those who do want to wear it, please wear it nicely.



3. Loafer

Trendy and classic accessory is changing the dressing game in summer. Personally I’m huge fan of easy-to-wear loafer with many reasons, one of which is easy to style with invisible socks and ankle-cut trousers. It’s not a pop-up trend we only saw from Pitti Uomo 90. Instead, it’s been in different street styles and many other major fashion shows.



What do you think? Will you be willing to try one of these trends this summer?



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